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Luring - "Triumphant Fall of the Malignant Christ" CS

Luring - "Triumphant Fall of the Malignant Christ" CS


"In my writing for Nithstang, I have had the pleasure of writing about Luring a couple times thus far, and each time I have been at a loss for words to perfectly describe the diverse onslaught of aural battery that the band is capable of. Eerie atmosphere, mesmerizing and driving rhythm raw riffs and echoing agony in vocal form. Luring continue down their spiral of hypnotic hate.

This album sees the band exploring a wide array of slight auditory deviations from their habitual sound, however it fits perfectly well into their resplendent discography. Each track builds upon where the last left off, while also simultaneously breaking off on a new path, thus weaving a complex web of sound that is perfectly congruous but also never languishes in lifeless repetition. Luring have the recipe for their own blend of Raw Black Metal and with each album we see them further develop and perfect the intricacies therein."



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