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Corpus Christii – "Saeculum Domini" LP

Corpus Christii – "Saeculum Domini" LP

180g black vinyl, 320g reverse cardboard jacket with black flood, 250g insert.

“Saeculum Domini” transcends time and trends, reemerging as a timeless jewel and a testament to its authenticity, ferocious intensity, and uncompromising vision. Standing as a beacon for the early days of the Portuguese scene, this album arrogantly elevated Corpus Christii to a presence of dominance in the Black Metal underground. With its unapologetic raw energy, relentless saturated mix, and haunting keyboards, “Saeculum Domini” commands attention, seizing listeners by the throat and leaving an indelible mark that resounds through decades.
Its unwavering presence serves as a testament to Corpus Christii’s mastery forever etched in this album as a monument of defiance and legacy.

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